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How to Unlock MTS iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 5c, 4, 4S in Canada

The official Canada MTS iPhone unlock service is available to most Apple users who have the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus / 5S / 5c / 5 / 4S / 4 and are locked to local network MTS. If you purchased your phone in Canada or from someone else who got it in this country […]

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12 the most unsuccessful projects Apple | Part 3

The next 4 failed projects of Cupertino based corporation. Previous 8 you will find here: Part1 & Part2. 9. The PowerMac G4 Cube All of the designer’s strength was evident in Apple Mac G4 Cube, the concept of which was borrowed from the black Next Cube. The design was developed with direct participation of Jonathan quince, Apple’s Chief […]

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12 the most unsuccessful projects Apple | Part 2

We continue our overview of the most unsuccessful projects of Apple inc. Read the first part: The most unsuccessful Apple’s 12 projects Part 1. 5. Newton Apple Newton — so called operating system gadget, the device was called the MessagePad. It was a project to create a portable handheld computer. Despite the fact that the project was about […]

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12 the most unsuccessful projects Apple | Part 1

1. The PowerBook Duo In the 90 ‘s, the case at Apple was no faltering or the wacky, the company tried to keep afloat and simply followed the market trend. At the time, the popularity of lightweight laptops, Apple were also unable to circumvent this trend and introduced the PowerBook Duo 210, Duo 230. PowerBooks were […]

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IOS-device in the future can be used as the input to the Mac

Although for many years a distinguished the Apple iOS and OS X, during this time, both platforms have a number of features and capabilities that allow them to communicate by wireless data transmission. This is possible through such services as Continuity or a Handoff, to say nothing of the iCloud, which helps sync data, including […]

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IPhone and jogging – free apps to use

We are all familiar with the main features of mobile devices, communication, entertainment, work with mail and tasks, as well as permanent access to the Internet. However, modern smartphones can also take on some additional tasks, such as become your Pocket trainer. The App Store has dozens of applications that control the process of training, consider the calories burned and analyze your results. About the best of them here below. The iOS has a built-in application 8 “health“, which is designed to collect and store data about your training and physical condition. HealthKit technology it can exchange data with other programs designed for the Organization of the training process. For […]


The first 12 hours with Apple Watch-user experience

Entrepreneur Matt Hogni wrote on the Medium column about Apple Watch. He bought the watches and used their day. This time it was enough to make a conclusion. Alas, disappointing. In the beginning of my story Matt mentions that wrote it using the iMac 5 k Retina. Thus trying to show his loyalty to Apple […]


Apple has patented its own social network

The name of the new patent Apple, which only became known a few days ago, is: “social groups, United the overall style of life”. On the basis of this document, expected to be a new social network for iOS users. In the description of the patent can be found distributed algorithm based on several factors: […]

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Volkswagen is developing an app for the Apple Watch

The German manufacturer has announced the development of applications for Apple’s Watch, which will work in conjunction with their own mobile service. For Volkswagen cars produced starting in 2014, the service Car-Net offers many smart functions available in mobile applications for iOS and Android. Among them is the possibility of remote configuration of the air conditioner of the car,check the status of the doors, Windows and hatches, monitor fuel level, battery charge, and many others. The user will be able to find the location of the machine (e.g. parking), pave the route, as well as an audible or Visual signal. WhenVolkswagen has finished developing your application, all of […]

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Charge your iPhone with stray radio waves [Nikola Labs’ case]

To hear Nikola Labs co-founder Dr. Rob Lee tell the tale, some 97 percent of the energy a smartphone expends to forge data and voice connections using radio frequencies is lost to the ether. Rather than let it all go to waste, this Ohio-based startup claims to have cooked up a way to harness that power and […]

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